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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Dress-up box;

Stupid fashion, seeming so conventional and jeans-y. 
£4,000 Chanel handbag, plain and tedious. 
If your gunna spend the money, why not buy the most dazzling display ever? Why not stars and stripes and spots and rags? Fashion should be crazy. Dressing up.
Why not have the fun of halloween every day? Maybe forgetting the fake blood and fangs. Imagine the fun of playing dress up. A reason to get out of bed in the morning- clothes! Today; a cowboy-esque boot, tomorrow; a vampish gown. The editorials we see in Pop or I-D have just come to life in your own wardrobe. You can be a walking Italian Vogue.

It's just like being a child again, too-much lipstick, oversized hat, the clashing colours.

But, it links back to the catwalk:

Big bows, rag dolls, rosy cheeks, ruffles and frills.
It's the best part of fashion.

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