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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

birthday party!

My birthday party is on the 10th December and has an Alice in Wonderland theme! My friend and I are taking on the roles of the Red Queen and white queen and therefore costume has been incredibly fun!!
My White Queen style get-up is a little of Burton's portrayal: 

Mixed with a bit of the fashion edge, for example this Models1 pic of the gorgeous Ben Grimes:

Big eyebrows, white lips, white mascara, some £4 shoes from Primark (!!!!!!!!) and some feathers. Sounds good!
Will put a piccy on once it's perfectedo. 

Speaking of models, one 'Fifi Newbery' from Models1 is one of my favourites. She's a new face (with an awesome face)who reminds me of one of the scary young actresses in horror films. To be honest, I think I saw her at Britain's Next Top Model Live in London in October, and spoke to her in the catwalk queue! Bloody beautiful.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

topshop photos;

I went into Topshop the other day and LOVED the photos displayed in the store including ones like this:

Which is stunning and very creative. The model has such a horror-movie look and the blue of the dress stands out so well against that grass. Beautiful clothes which aren't so out-there you can't wear them, but you definately stand out with the gothic gloves. 

I'm not too into maxi-dresses/skirts but this is the exception, much prettier than the floral mess paired with the disgusting gladiator sandals. Wear with boots/Dr Martens and a big, ruggedy coat for the Winter freeze, a monochome scarf layered on.
Goodbye cold weather!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Elle mag cover;

I usually love Elle. I'm a constant Elle enthusiast.
Especially for UK Elle, the American version is so smiley and commercial it makes me feel ill :(
But seriously, December's issue of Elle was a bit of a disappointment, as I was looking forward to the monthly blu-tacking of stunning photographs to my wall.
I'm a subscriber so I get the collector edition cover, which is usually gorgeous but I found it borringggg:

I don't know why I didn't like it. Maybe it's the gold, I'm not a fan of gold. But the pose is a little too sexual and her hands look a bit odd.
I'll stop being bitchy now.

But compared to the breathtaking cover October 2009 (a blonde Lily Allen) this felt a little meh.

October 09's cover
BEAUTIFUL!! Couldn't contain my 
excitement when I first got this. I fell in love :) It was shot by Rankin who since has become a favourite of mine!


Hoping the next issue will be a more eye-catching. Sorry, Anne.

Dress-up box;

Stupid fashion, seeming so conventional and jeans-y. 
£4,000 Chanel handbag, plain and tedious. 
If your gunna spend the money, why not buy the most dazzling display ever? Why not stars and stripes and spots and rags? Fashion should be crazy. Dressing up.
Why not have the fun of halloween every day? Maybe forgetting the fake blood and fangs. Imagine the fun of playing dress up. A reason to get out of bed in the morning- clothes! Today; a cowboy-esque boot, tomorrow; a vampish gown. The editorials we see in Pop or I-D have just come to life in your own wardrobe. You can be a walking Italian Vogue.

It's just like being a child again, too-much lipstick, oversized hat, the clashing colours.

But, it links back to the catwalk:

Big bows, rag dolls, rosy cheeks, ruffles and frills.
It's the best part of fashion.